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Dentistry for Infants – Nashua, NH

Giving Your Little One’s Smile a Healthy Start

Routine dental care has to start at an earlier age than you might have thought. In fact, we recommend that you schedule an appointment with us as soon as your little one’s first tooth begins pushing through their gumline! Our experienced pediatric dentists are trained to provide gentle, caring dentistry for infants in Nashua, NH. We’ll give you the support you need as your son or daughter begins their lifelong relationship with oral healthcare. If you’re ready to schedule your infant’s first dental appointment here in Nashua, contact Simply Pediatric Dentistry & orthodontics today!

Why Choose Simply Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics for Dentistry for Infants?

  • Highly Trained Team of In-House Pediatric Dentists
  • Sedation Options Available for Anxious Patients
  • Safe, Modern Technology Ensures Superior Treatment

Oral Health Risk Assessment

Mother holding baby after oral health risk assessment during dentistry for infants visit

At Simply Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, we believe that it’s never too early to detect potential dental health issues and stop them in their tracks! After we’ve closely assessed your infant’s risk for tooth decay and other developmental problems, we’ll give you detailed guidance on cleaning your little one’s gum tissue and growing teeth. We’ll also advise you on the right foods to give your son or daughter moving forward. These visits should be repeated at regular intervals until it’s time for your child to start their routine dental checkups and cleanings.


Mother holding teething infant

It won’t be hard to tell when your baby starts teething. More than likely, your infant will be in a crabby mood and will have trouble sleeping as their small teeth begin pushing against their gums. If you find yourself struggling to help your little one with this developmental stage, we urge you to get in touch with our pediatric dentists. There are several techniques available to make your son or daughter more comfortable during this process, including giving them a teething ring and gently rubbing the gum tissue.

Learn More About Teething

Fluoride Treatments

Mother holding baby after fluoride treatment

Fluoride is a remarkably common mineral. In fact, it’s usually found in the foods we eat, the dental hygiene products we use, and (more often than not) in our public drinking water. This is great news for children; research shows that regular fluoride exposure at a young age makes tooth enamel stronger and more cavity-resistant over time. During your little one’s early years, we’ll likely suggest supplemental fluoride treatments to ensure their growing smile has the support it needs. Fortunately, this treatment does not take long at all and can be conveniently performed between their regular checkups.

Non-Nutritive Habits

Sleeping baby sucking on thumb before intervention to stop non nutritive habits

Infants commonly develop a habit of sucking their thumb or fingers as a way of comforting themselves. While these habits might seem innocuous at first, there’s a chance they may cause developmental problems in a few years’ time. For example, continuing a thumb-sucking habit too long into adolescence can negatively impact jawbone growth. Our team is always happy to answer questions about your child’s non-nutritive habits and give you tips to help your child grow out of them naturally. Remember, positive reinforcement is ideal!